The Spring bridal season

Its been a few months since I posted any updates and you can thank a very busy Spring Wedding Season for the delay. At the moment we’re on track to double the amount of 2015 wedding cakes compared to how many we made in 2014 (which was triple what we made in 2013). Then there’s all thats happening at home, like when Theo turned ONE, we bought a delivery vehicle, oh… and… we’re adding 750sqft to the back of our house to create more room for MORE CAKES!!!

Our addition is slated to begin in June 2015 and finish in the middle of the Fall Wedding Season leaving us for (possibly) three months over the Summer with no A/C. I guess we’ll be hitting Home Depot and picking up a few window units 🙂

Well… Theo just woke up from his nap, I’ve got cakes to finish, and then we have to clean up for a tasting. The fun never stops at Ella’s Celestial Cakes!


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