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Spotlight – Charlotte Chandeliers

This month our spotlight is on a very chic wedding upgrade that is sure to impress every guest at the party. The same “bee’s” behind Lily Bee’s Events + Floral have recently launched an addition to their growing family business. This months Spotlight is all aboutĀ Charlotte Chandeliers!

Charlotte Chandeliers

We told you guys all about Lily Bee’s incredible floral design a few months ago and this month we’re shining some light on their exquisite selection of chandeliers. From their stunning Gatsby, Crystal, Rustic, and White Series to theirĀ Modern, Pink, Red, and Black Series, Charlotte Chandeliers has the one thing that will set your wedding apart from the rest. Trust us… this is what everyone at your wedding will be talking about long after the last dance.


They brought their first crystal chandeliers to the Queen City at the beginning of 2013 and they were a huge hit from the very beginning (who wouldn’t fall in love with a little sparkling chandelier elegance right?) What originally started out as a Lily Bee’s side option has since blossomed into a full blown company. I talked to Heidi (aka Chandelier addict) recently and got the behind the scenes scoop into Charlotte Chandeliers.


Spotlight – Lily Bee’s Events + Florals

We recently decided that the best way to connect brides to our favorite vendors from the Charlotte wedding scene was to start a monthly vendor “Spotlight”. For our first month we’re incredibly excited to talk about one of Charlotte’s premier Wedding Event + Floral Design experts… Lily Bee’s Events + Florals.


Lily Bee’s prides itself on not being the typical floral shop with a cooler full of old roses. They are one of the Charlotte area’s Premier Floral Shop / Event Planner / Decor Rental providers and offer personalized relationship based service. In other words, you’re not just another file in the office or date on the calendar.

They take the time to get to know you and believe that the relationship built over the planning process makes a huge difference for everyone involved. Yes, you can get flowers from your local grocery store… but why would you? Lily Bee’s is a local family run business that specializes in weddings and events, they don’t do anything else and when you pick Lily Bee’s you join their family.


I got a chance recently to interview Heidi (the Queen bee) to get a behind the scenes look and absolutely fell in love with everything about Lily Bee’s Events + Floral.