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Last month our spotlight was on Heidi and her team at Lily Bee’s Events + Florals. This month we’re going behind the scenes with one of Charlotte’s leading caterers… Queen City Catering. We first met the team at Queen City Catering at a Bridal Showcase vendor party early this year and several cupcakes later it was obvious we we’re going to be friends 🙂

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Queen City Catering is a client driven “Boutique Caterer” that provides a top-tier catering experience that will impress your guests with amazing flavor, impeccable design and extraordinary service. Whether your event calls for a 50 person cocktail reception or a plated four course dinner with organic wine pairing for 500, their culinary services are tailor-made to fit your creative, organizational, and budgetary requirements.


We sat down with Queen City Catering’s Director of Weddings and Events (Shannon Cudmore) earlier this week and get some behind the scenes access to Queen City Catering.


Ella – Charlotte has a lot of places offering catering… what sets Queen City Catering apart from everyone else and why should brides choose QCC?

Shannon – Queen City Catering is a lifestyle caterer that brings a “foodie” approach to your event by providing incredible food that’s tailor-made around your vision. Our clients love food and want food to be an important part of their event. We bring a mobile kitchen to every event site stocked with all of the tools, equipment, and ingredients needed to create personalized five-star dishes that you and your guest will remember for years to come.

Ella – You guys put so much attention into the quality of ingredients and the creation of “foodie” centric dishes, what’s your favorite QCC creation?

Shannon – Oh, thats a tough one. There’s a lot of amazing food coming out of our kitchen but if I had to choose it would have to be a tie between our Filet + Blue Crostini and our Stuffed BLT Tomato. The Filet + Blue Crostini is an elevated variation of the classic “Meat & Potatoes” appetizer with a house made potato crostini topped with a shaved beef filet, caramelized onions, and aged blue cheese crumbles. The Stuffed BLT Tomato is another elevated variation of the classic but instead of putting the bacon, lettuce, and tomato between bread… we stuff an heirloom tomato with bacon and lettuce. Both are delicious and creative ways putting a modern twist on an old favorite.

Ella – Those both sound so delicious and involve a lot more work than most caterers are willing to offer. What would you say is the hardest part of being a caterer?

Shannon – The style of service we offer- Off Premise Cooking! When executing a meal off site – you have no back up plan if an oven isn’t working or if your heavy cream split all over the floor. We have to be ready for the unexpected and prepared to delivery 150% no matter the situation. Our chefs and event teams are event warriors – every event is a new adventure with different obstacles.

Ella – You guys are definitely going the extra mile to bring your clients an exceptional experience. Do you have any catering disaster stories?

Shannon – We’ve had our fair share of weather related wedding headaches but nothing we would consider a disaster. I would definitely suggest that all brides have back-up plan for the event – its not money wasted to reserve that tent just in case! Nothing will ruin a beautifully plated and artfully prepared entree like a waiter having to serve it in a thunderstorm.

Ella – We totally understand… cakes and rain don’t go well together either. Your website says you can do events for 500, whats the largest event you’ve catered?

Shannon – The largest event we cater is the Queens Cup Steeplechase, it takes us 3 – 4 months to plan and prepare for the event. The event draws over 5,000 and we feed about half of the people in attendance.

Ella – We mentioned earlier that Queen City Catering is a top-tier caterer and as I look around your office I cant help but notice how many awards you have received.. how many awards have you won?

Shannon – I honestly don’t know… both as a team and individually we have won awards from The Knot, Charlotte Wedding Magazine, the Bridal Showcase, Charlotte Rising Star, Small Business Enterprise, Wedding Wire, etc… The awards are always a great reminder that the way we cater is appreciated, but we don’t do it for the awards. We bring fresh ingredients, beautiful plating, and balanced catering to every event because that’s what we’re passionate about. Our team and our chefs are passionate about all things culinary!

Ella – Is there any advice you would like to tell our brides as they consider what caterer is the perfect fit for their wedding day?

Shannon – I would tell them that choosing a professional vendor is very important. Whether it’s a caterer, a florist, a baker, a planner, etc… choosing a professional with a track record of working successful events is vital. Ten years after your wedding you won’t remember the style of the font on your invitation but you will remember how delicious your dinner was. Food is important, you need food every day to survive – don’t make it last on your list, choose a caterer that will make it memorable 🙂

We love Queen City Catering! They’re advocates of organic / sustainable food practices and they create dishes with lasting impact. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp, or shoot them an email or phone call and tell them Ella sent you.

Email –
Phone – 704.305.7778

A huge thank you goes out to Shannon and the team at Queen City Catering for participating in this months Spotlight! Check back on the 1st of every month to find out more about the incredible vendors that make up the Charlotte Wedding Scene and feel free to shoot us an email with vendor suggestions or questions of your own.

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