Spotlight – Lily Bee’s Events + Florals

We recently decided that the best way to connect brides to our favorite vendors from the Charlotte wedding scene was to start a monthly vendor “Spotlight”. For our first month we’re incredibly excited to talk about one of Charlotte’s premier Wedding Event + Floral Design experts… Lily Bee’s Events + Florals.


Lily Bee’s prides itself on not being the typical floral shop with a cooler full of old roses. They are one of the Charlotte area’s Premier Floral Shop / Event Planner / Decor Rental providers and offer personalized relationship based service. In other words, you’re not just another file in the office or date on the calendar.

They take the time to get to know you and believe that the relationship built over the planning process makes a huge difference for everyone involved. Yes, you can get flowers from your local grocery store… but why would you? Lily Bee’s is a local family run business that specializes in weddings and events, they don’t do anything else and when you pick Lily Bee’s you join their family.


I got a chance recently to interview Heidi (the Queen bee) to get a behind the scenes look and absolutely fell in love with everything about Lily Bee’s Events + Floral.

Ella – There’s a lot of thought that goes into naming a business, how did you choose the name Lily Bee’s?

Heidi – We had just had our 2nd child, a teeny baby girl that we named Lily Blair (Blair to honor my husband’s grandparents), but always called her ‘Lily Bee’. We both worked your typical Corporate America type jobs when we realized we didn’t want to do this anymore. My husband said he wanted to be by the beach, I said lets sell everything and move to Key West because hey, I could pick up some wedding work right? 😉 We chose the name “Lily Bee’s” after our baby girl (never thought we’d have a second daughter, Virginia Carol, so we’re working on a side business to honor her 😉 and off to the Florida Keys we went! Little did we know that little side gig would become our main cheese and Lily Bee’s would be a name recognized by way more than our mom’s!

Ella – Thats so cute! I love the name Lily Blair (Lily Bee) and think its awesome she gets to grow up knowing everyone says her name when they want beautiful flowers for their wedding. I wonder if she will grow up to run the family business… hmmmm??? When did you realize you wanted to be a floral designer / wedding planner when you grew up?

Heidi – I learned floral design, by chance, in California after graduating high school. We moved to NC a few years later, I worked in the finance/insurance industry, until I stumbled upon a job back in floral work but for corporate circuits (NASCAR, IRL, etc…). I started to grow the wedding business for that company, and really enjoyed it. Then of course leaving there and starting Lily Bee’s, I was just continuing to grow and expand the floral base I had. (Who doesn’t want to work with flowers?) I always played more of a role with my brides than a typical florist, because I always felt it was the right thing to do. So officially offering my services as coordinator was so natural. And so far I’ve really impressed my brides and the vendors- so I’m thinking I’m still on the right path!

Ella – I totally understand that, had there not been free food at a high school class field trip I may not be a baker today. Are there any funny moments of Lily Bee’s formative years or embarrassing moments that you look back on and still laugh at?

Heidi – Oh my… where to begin! Haha! We were living in Savannah and traveling between there, Charlotte and Key West for weddings (with 2 kids and a pregnant me- fun times) that offered many stories. We had a wedding the day after Thanksgiving in Key West, I went Wednesday to pick up the flowers I had special ordered from CA at the airport in GA only to find out that my shipment got booted and my flowers were in KY. So, the afternoon before Thanksgiving I was calling everyone (wholesale, retail, grocery store, nursery even!) from NC to FL BEGGING for yellow flowers. We finally found someone in Miami that could help us out, we drove down after a quick Thanksgiving dinner (and nap) in Jacksonville with family, picked up the flowers, and my husband drove while I designed… in the front seat of the car, with morning sickness. I kind of don’t know how I survived it, but everything by the grace of God came out gorgeous and we had one very happy bride!

Ella – OMG thats crazy! Driving for endless hours on Thanksgiving and putting together arrangement in the front seat while pregnant is pretty serious dedication. It sounds like you’re pretty passionate about what you do, If you had to pick what would you say is your favorite flower?

Heidi – I don’t have a favorite flower like I don’t have a favorite color, it just depends on the mood/season/styles I’m digging! Haha! I love peonies, anemones, ranunculus, certain roses, I think spray roses are so sweet, double tulips, and am always wowed by a Casablanca lily! <3

Ella – With so many beautiful flowers to choose from its a tough choice for us too but Echeverais are pretty high up on our list of favorite flowers. I bet they’re pretty hard to come by in the Winter time. What are some of the hurdles of your job that someone looking from the outside may not even know exist?

Heidi – Not being able to control the exact shade a flower may bloom in is a big one. 😉 We always try for certain flowers and colors, but remembering that at the end of the day I can’t control a lot of the variables is a hard one. After that I think keeping a balance for our company and our family is the biggest. We’re a family of 5, all working to grow Lily Bee’s, while homeschooling our kiddos. So while it works out pretty well- I am a workaholic! I’d stay in my studio working nonstop and never stop to even eat, so taking the time to step away, to say ‘no’ (that’s a hard one!) and be present in the beautiful life I have can be a challenge. I love responding to every email and inquiry within 5 seconds of being notified, but sometimes I do need to remember to slow down and focus on what’s in front of me.

Ella – I totally get that, balancing the business and the (growing) family is one of our hurdles at the moment. Is there one piece of key advise you would give to brides while trying to figure out how to plan a wedding?

Heidi – I would say to step away from all the blogs and pin boards and make sure you reflect on yourself as a couple. Make sure you bring in special details that are so totally you guys. There are so many gorgeous ideas out there, but the little details that are custom to the bride and groom are so sweet and can be well crafted to really stand out to your guests. And after that- all the pretty details, cakes, flowers and such are great- they are, but when you’re standing at the altar saying your vows, the shade your dahlias came in as isn’t going to matter. Marriage is an amazing thing, it’s the foundation to our society, our world, so really be present and enjoy that- all the details are just there to emphasize this magical union!

Ella – We couldn’t agree more! Working between Key West and Charlotte must have taken you to some pretty awesome events, what was your favorite event you made floral arrangements for?

Heidi – Oooh, that’s a hard one… we had a wedding last fall where the bride wanted her bouquet to be a mix of flowers and then for each bridesmaid to carry a bouquet of just one type of flower from her bouquet– it still is one of my absolute faves! (Plus the couple was so incredibly awesome- great people!) We also recently did the flowers for a Great Gatsby themed prom that I LOVED! And a styled shoot for a Doctor Who themed look that was a little different from my norm, but I loved it!

Ella – We love the Great Gatsby theme, that sounds like it was a great party. What are some of the current trends in floral design? What would you bet money on as being the next trend in floral design?

Heidi – Using a lot more greens and textures and having a loose/garden picked look is growing. It’s really gorgeous, so natural, and I’m happy to see the change. I think we’re going to see more of the unusual flowers coming in to play and I welcome the challenge! Ha! 🙂

Ella – Is there anything else you would like to tell our brides?

Heidi – I really do thank you for being interested in knowing more about us- I think the wedding industry around Charlotte has so many amazingly talented and unique people in it, this is a great way for brides to see that! I know we’re a little different from the norm- I’m not a retail shop with a cooler full of old flowers, but that’s what sets us above the rest. I tell every bride- this is what we do, 100% of the time. When I say we live in wedding land- I’m serious. 😉 I’m here to make sure the stress and craziness is off of my brides so that they can enjoy preparing for the start of their marriage. And I’m blessed and grateful every day! 🙂

We absolutely love these guys! They are a small family run business that creates lasting relations with all of their clients and delivers first class floral design and event planning. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, or shoot them an email, phone call, or text and tell them Ella sent you 🙂

Email – info@LilyBeesFloral
Phone – 704-288-6388

A huge thank you goes out to Heidi and the team at Lily Bee’s for participating in our first Spotlight! Check back on the 1st of every month to find out more about the incredible vendors that make up the Charlotte Wedding Scene and feel free to shoot us an email with vendor suggestions or questions of your own.

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