It’s official, our Game of Thrones “Khaleesi” inspired Wedding Cake with Katherine Elena Photography has gone VIRAL!!! We are so thankful to have our cake featured on:

BuzzFeed, Martha Stewart Weddings, Carolina Bride, Cosmopolitan, BBC News, Tech Insider, Mashable, The Huffington Post, BRIDES, TIME, Refinery29, Elite Daily, MSN, People, Entertainment Weekly, DesignTAXI, Yahoo, American Upbeat, Metro, Wedding magazine, Business Insider, Konbini, Wiki of Thrones, etc…

The sites are piling up daily 🙂

Oh… and it was shared on Khaleesi’s facebook page

Game of Thrones Wedding Cake
Katherine Elena Photography


Goodnight Daddy…

“I see skies of blue and clouds of white, the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night, and I think to myself what a wonderful world.”  – Louis Armstrong

I lost my father to lung cancer at 10pm on Saturday, June 4th, 2016. In the middle of wedding season, a month before my wedding, and only eight months after being diagnosed. No words can describe the emptiness and sadness that followed.


But before we get to that… I want to go back a little.


I Got Married!!!

OMG I got married!!!

I know you hear this all the time, but it was PERFECT!!! I got married to the man I love in front of every person closest to me in my own backyard. It was the day I had been imagining since I was a little girl… and it really shouldn’t have been. We held the reception in our backyard (which took over a year of renovation), we did all of the planning ourselves, did all of the catering ourselves, made NINE wedding cakes, and decorated everything ourselves (with a little help from our friends). If that doesn’t sound stressful enough…  a month before the wedding my Father passed away from an unexpected and exhausting battle with lung cancer. Despite everything… my wedding day was perfect and I loved every minute of it.

Much love to Taken by Sarah for capturing all of these amazing moments.


The Spring bridal season

Its been a few months since I posted any updates and you can thank a very busy Spring Wedding Season for the delay. At the moment we’re on track to double the amount of 2015 wedding cakes compared to how many we made in 2014 (which was triple what we made in 2013). Then there’s all thats happening at home, like when Theo turned ONE, we bought a delivery vehicle, oh… and… we’re adding 750sqft to the back of our house to create more room for MORE CAKES!!!

Our addition is slated to begin in June 2015 and finish in the middle of the Fall Wedding Season leaving us for (possibly) three months over the Summer with no A/C. I guess we’ll be hitting Home Depot and picking up a few window units 🙂

Well… Theo just woke up from his nap, I’ve got cakes to finish, and then we have to clean up for a tasting. The fun never stops at Ella’s Celestial Cakes!


Cake Stands Galore

I recently became addicted to collecting cake stands and it doesn’t look like its going to let up anytime soon. I’m setting my sights on collecting 100 cake stands by the end of the year and there’s one cake stand in particular proving to be so incredibly elusive that it might as well be a unicorn. What cake stand are we talking about… oh… its the drop dead gorgeous Vintage 1950’s Fenton Turquoise Hobnail Milk Glass Cake Stand.

Its so beautiful and so hard to find I wish I had never laid my eyes on it. Unfortunately for me… I did lay eyes on it… and now I MUST HAVE IT.



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