Cake Stands Galore

I recently became addicted to collecting cake stands and it doesn’t look like its going to let up anytime soon. I’m setting my sights on collecting 100 cake stands by the end of the year and there’s one cake stand in particular proving to be so incredibly elusive that it might as well be a unicorn. What cake stand are we talking about… oh… its the drop dead gorgeous Vintage 1950’s Fenton Turquoise Hobnail Milk Glass Cake Stand.

Its so beautiful and so hard to find I wish I had never laid my eyes on it. Unfortunately for me… I did lay eyes on it… and now I MUST HAVE IT.


Until then, we’re adding new stands to our collection weekly with a stunning assortment of both freshly minted and rare vintage cake stands that are guaranteed to make your cake stand out. If you haven’t looked at our Cake Stand Gallery yet or never knew we offered cake stand rentals, take a second to look over our collection and let us know if you find the perfect stand for your cake. We rent cake stands to couples whether they are getting their cake from us or not… so don’t be afraid to shoot us an email.

We want your cake to look its best on your wedding day. Having the perfect cake stand to compliment your wedding cake is the finishing touch your dessert table might be missing.

ps. If you have a Fenton Turquoise Hobnail Cake Stand, know someone who has one, or come across one while at a flea market or thrift store… Please let me know 🙂

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