Congratulations Hailey and Bradley

Last weekend my beautiful cousin Hailey married the man of her dreams Bradly. I bet you cant guess who they asked to make the wedding cake… yup… Me!

I was so honored and excited to be part of their special day. My cousin and her family live on a gorgeous piece of land in Lynchburg, Va. This not only led to a perfectly country chic theme but a beautiful background for the wedding ceremony and reception. To go along with the theme we decided to do a paisley cake in pink and black to match the bandannas used for napkins.


More Than Just Cake

We make a lot of cake, so It is always a fun change to make something else like cookies!


Last week I got an order for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed engagement party. (more…)

Vegas Baby!!!!


One of my best friends got married this past weekend in Las Vegas and since I wasn’t able to attend the wedding it left me wondering… Which casinos in Las Vegas have the best restaurant facilities?


If you were to ask somebody what they thought of when you mentioned casino dining, they would probably wouldn’t have a clue. Many would think you were planning on playing online on a site like and ordering take out food. However as many people are finding, there is more to the modern day casino than just playing casino games. Many now cater for the needs of the many and offer restaurants and buffets.

Places such as Vegas have some of the very best casino dining experiences on offer. One of the most popular casinos in Vegas is the Bellagio. Here, gamblers can find some of the best gambling in the city as well as numerous restaurants providing great choice for diners.
critically acclaimed restaurant ‘Olives’ now has a Vegas branch within the Bellagio Casino. Located in the heart of the casino’s shopping centre, the casino specializes in a unique take on Mediterranean cooking. Don’t expect to find authentic dishes here but rather artful combinations that include classic ingredients like seafood, tomatoes, olives, garlic and other ingredients. A popular item on the menu is the white clam pizza as well as the cod cakes. Italian cuisine is quite popular at many of the fine dining establishments in Vegas casinos. One of these is the Osteria del Circo at the Bellagio which has a menu of Tuscan Italian food. The menu is varied with dishes like grilled antipasto, pasta, pizza and grilled entrees. If indulging in dessert, the Osteria del Circo is known for its tiramisu. Diners can take in a breath-taking view of the lake located at the Bellagio.

Another top restaurant can also be found at the Bellagio and that is Prime, located one floor below the shopping centre of the Bellagio. Also, offering a lakeside view, the restaurant offers up beautiful décor with cornflower blue velvet curtains, azure marble and tapestry rugs. Classified as a steakhouse, Prime operates with the concept that diners will build their own meal from the choices on their menu. By adopting this concept, diners can get exactly what they want. First selecting a cut of meat or fish, then diners must select from ten different sauces as well as a type of potato. The combinations are endless and many diners enjoy sharing their meals with one another to try different tastes.

Coming Soon…

I’ve been getting a lot of request from people wanting to see behind the scenes at Ella’s Celestial Cakes. Well… here it goes. I’m putting the final touches on the official ECC Blog and will keep everyone posted via our facebook page.

Thank you everyone for being so incredibly supportive!

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